Okay, 159 days until Leeds festival. Let the prep begin. Okay, maybe not yet but I am SO SO SO excited. So I decided to do a post on it showing things I'll be trying to find before I go (if they're still in shops by that time!) and also, to show essentials I know I'll be needing. I've been to 2 festivals but this year will be my first camping, I'm kinda nervous because I probably won't like it. Ahhh, apart from these things, I'll be packing shit loads of noodles, chocolate and baby wipes. 

Me and my friend especially want that Hello Kitty tent and I am desperate for the Princess chair! I think I'm getting those army print sneaksss with my next month's discount at work too. A few of the things I actually already have so I know I'll be taking for sure. Let me know what you think of the things I've shown. Anyone else going to their first festival this year? 
P.s. Expect a lot more festival posts!


  1. so in love with all of this,the uptown beanie is amazing where is it from?
    kate xx

    1. it's from urbanindustry but they don't have it at the moment :((( want it so bad! xx

  2. I love the skull cropped tee. great post:)