Just wanted to say that if any of you are from my YouTube then I apologize for not posting! I'm going through a personal thing at the moment which I'd rather not talk about but I've not been in the best of moods. Also, I didn't want to be one of those people to bang on about exams getting in the way but- they are. I'll be honest, I'm not a dedicated reviser and the only real reason I can't film is because my Mum will kill me if she hears me doing anything that isn't revision! So just bear with me because once I've finished my exams I'll be back and I'll be posting more than ever due to how much spare time I'm going to have. Thanks for standing by!



Well well well...another pair of shoes. I know a lot of you won't like these but I AM IN LOVE.

Just, look at them. My friends were laughing at me because I've gone from wearing creepers to these. My year 10 self would be going insane (the chavs used to wear these to the skate park in like year 8).

I'm already picturing all sorts for these to go with and I'm just loving them. But, dayyyym these are expensive. I work in a shoe shop so I got them for much cheaper than what they are. In my shop, they're being sold for £89.99. Sheeeeeesh. I just really wanted them because I wanted blazers just after I got my creepers and everyone and their Mothers have them now so I wanted something a bit different! 
If you're interested they are called Nike Air Max 1's in Julep/ Liquid Lime/ Coast. 

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As always, I woke up this morning with the usual thought in my head that I'm just not where I'm supposed to be (this post is going to be so deep). Since I can remember I've always just wanted to get away. To travel and just be rid of the same routine day-in and day-out. If you know me, you'll know that I have always wanted to perform. If I could chose the direction my life would take, I would become an actor. I can dream, ok?! Having a one-track mind like this can be kinda concerning for the parents though and my Mum and Dad have never really been 'ok' with me not having a plan B.
Your dreams are something that you can hold in your hands and be the maker of but can be so easily drawn away from you. For years we mould our dreams and design our futures in a way that can become almost unattainable. But what happens when our lives begin to be driven away from what we really want. I can’t help but wonder… should we be satisfied with anything less than our initial dreams. I know that sounds so cheesy but I literally have no other way of explaining it!
So, what am I getting at?! Well, to cut a story short (if it's not too late for that)...I'm moving away from this place. Basically, my uncle lives in L.A, right near Venice Beach. And next year, when I'm finished with Sixth Form and I've saved up a shit load of money- me and my best friend are moving over there for our gap year. We're going to see how things go with finding a place to stay and seeing if we can get decent jobs and who knows? If we like it we'll stay. If not, we've had an amazing gap year. I feel like I should take advantage of someone so close to me living in a place I dream of being. And for the first time, it was my Mum who suggested it! We were talking the other day and she was saying that I should do because there's no point in me going straight to Uni and into a degree that I'm not sure that I want. It's a long shot and even I know it's kind of a ridiculous dream going into acting but L.A just seems right and I think it's going to be a growing up experience and I'll feel like I'm ready for Uni when (and if ;) I come home.
Not only do I want to go to seek career opportunities.. I just generally miss it! As I said, my Uncle lives out there with my Aunty and 2 cousins and when I visited, we used to have the best times! Plus Hannah (my best friend) has never been to America and has always dreamed of going.

From left, my cousin Lolly, my brother Jack, my Dad and myself in my Dad's hat! Lolly doesnt look too happy with her burnt marshmallow hehe.
The experience of camping in L.A compared to in England is completely different. It's what you see in the movies, it's soooo much more fun (and it's warm!). I remember we got one of the blow up beds from out the tent and threw it on the river (which was completely clear- so beautiful) and we just sailed down the river on it. Thinking back, that was so dangerous because there was a pretty strong current but that's what my Uncle is like; so much fun. I also remember seeing carcases of mountain lions lying around- so much more exciting than the boring views in Wales...

(Left) Me on Venice Beach. This is one of my most favourite pictures in the world. I just look so happy and I can remember how I felt when I was there. (Right) En route to find a place to set up camp for a few days. Have you ever seen a tree trunk like it?!

Hahaha. Love this one. I look so so happy! Looks like we're on a ride or something we're that excited but we weren't! We had just sat down to eat...

The hair...

Oh and Santa Monica. This was the last day we were there and I can remember being in a huge huff for the whole day. Take me back. So I suppose the purpose of this post was just to vent how excited I am at the moment. As I said, it's just for a gap year to have some fun and  if I get discovered well, that'll just be a bonus ;)



(From top left) Samuel trying his hardest to be cute, 
Bright blue toner that supposedly turns brassiness white- was so scared putting this on my hair!, 
My beaaaautiful baby cousin who will be 1 month old tomorrow- look at that face, 
Booking coaches to London to visit Leavesden Studios next Wednesday... couldn't be more excited!, Setting my alarms for the College week on Sunday night :-(, 
Video's I uploaded whilst we were off this Easter holiday (Check them out here if you'd like to ;-),
  Finally getting an iPhone last week- my life has changed!! (well, maybe I'm exaggerating), 
Things I picked up from visiting the Trafford Centre last weekend, 
The cutest dog you'll ever see
 & New piercings I got on Saturday...both sides!! Too much? P.s ignore the blackheads :-(

A page I loved from 'My Even More Wonderful World Of Fashion', 
On a drive in Samuel's car- look how excited we look! hahaha,
 Oh would you look at that... I'm hugging the cutest dog in the world- lucky me! 
My vans after I studded them- couldn't believe how many compliments I got from doing this! Everyone was going mad hahaha,  
Bloody Nora- cons of being blonde hey... sorted now! 
Anddd lastly, Siri. How could you do this to me Siri... I love you!!  

Soooo, I had a really good Easter holidays; didn't want it to end! Just looking forward to study leave now (18 College days left you guys!) although, I don't know why I'm looking forward to it... I'm going to be studying like a mofo! Hope you all had a nice break too- anyone else got Study Leave coming up?




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I have an eBay haul and a video introducing my little sissy. 
Hope ya like it!



Hello Robert...
Dis is ma wardrobe space! The reason the wardrobes are 2 different colours are because well, basically I got myself involved in a little DIY project that I never got round to finishing- oops! 

A drawing of Marilyn Monroe that my Dad did when he was my age

Inside my left wardrobe where I keep all of my tops, shorts and skirts.
Admitting to colour co-ordination...

Where I keep most of maaaa shoes
And this is inside my right wardrobe where I keep the rest of my bottoms, jumpers, some jackets, dresses and more shoes!



GET THE LOOK: Miley Cyrus

For those who know me would know that I am absolutely infatuated with Miley Cyrus. She can do no wrong in my eyes. 
For those who don't follow my Polyvore... it's xcharlottela.polyvore.com!
I've become a lot more frequent on it now, much more fun than College work hehe


CURRENTLY SCOUTING: The Perfect Round Sunglasses

Since last Summer I really really really wanted some thick round sunglasses and the shops seem to have loads in at the moment. Well actually, I hadn't really seen them in the stores BUT I've seen loads online. Especially in Asos... 

Mmmmmm, you geddin it right Asos! I've got to say though, for me, £15 is a lillll expensive so I scouted eBay as usual and found some pretty nice ones for around £6- much more reasonable. I'll definetly be getting my hands on some before we're faced with Spring in only, oh, 4 days- maybe not that soon then. But wow, Spring in 4 days, that's cheered me up. 
P.s. Bloody hell, I am a posting machine this weekend!



Okay, 159 days until Leeds festival. Let the prep begin. Okay, maybe not yet but I am SO SO SO excited. So I decided to do a post on it showing things I'll be trying to find before I go (if they're still in shops by that time!) and also, to show essentials I know I'll be needing. I've been to 2 festivals but this year will be my first camping, I'm kinda nervous because I probably won't like it. Ahhh, apart from these things, I'll be packing shit loads of noodles, chocolate and baby wipes. 

Me and my friend especially want that Hello Kitty tent and I am desperate for the Princess chair! I think I'm getting those army print sneaksss with my next month's discount at work too. A few of the things I actually already have so I know I'll be taking for sure. Let me know what you think of the things I've shown. Anyone else going to their first festival this year? 
P.s. Expect a lot more festival posts!

Lusting over Louboutin

From left to right:

Sweet Charity Leopard Clutch (£995), Asteroid 140 Pumps (£945), Miss Clichy Pumps (£895), Cris Case (£695), Square Nude Wallett (£495), Rollergirl Loafers (£635), Sweet Charity clutch (£1,560). 
I got curious... I wanted to find out how much it'd be if I got all of these things... £6220!

Is that all! How cheap hey?! Pfffft.
Well, for now I can just look until I'm rich and famous hahaha...