Wreck This Journal

So the concept is basically to do exactly what it says on the front...wreck it! Each page gives a different instruction to help you to create a book that in the end, will be amazing to scan through.To me it just looks so fun to just have your own ideas for each page and just really get into it and make the journal look amazing. I was so impressed when I was flicking through it in Waterstones and I'm just glad someone came up with this idea because it's just generally a really fun and creative idea. I was going through pictures on Google and I was just got so bloody memorized by everyone's pages and I cannot wait to get mine. I can tell I'm gonna be spending a lot of time on this bad boy.
Some pictures showing pages that other people have done:

I saw them in Waterstones for £8.99 but they're also stocked on Amazon now.
I seriously cannot wait to get mine and I'll definitely be showing pictures of the pages i 'wreck' and I'll probably do a review/showing of my pages on my YT channel. 
So, has anyone picked one up?
(All the pictures are either taken from google or this person's tumblr)


  1. I have one, and lets just say its wrecked. It definitely isn't as neat or artistic as this one!xxx


  2. I've been wanting this fuuhh ever! Definitely ordering one from amazon asap!
    Fab blog, now following :)

    Drea xo

  3. thats soo cool


    Ancille xx