First 2012 Beauty/Jewellery Haul

Sorry for the lack of posts! Anyway, I've been in work this weekend so I took advantage of being in Liverpool yesterday and today and went shopping on my breaks and when I finished work. Hope you enjoy!

BLOODY FINALLY!! I need not explain this palette really. I'm so excited for it.
My shift was dragging in work and I just thought to myself, you know what...I'm going to (finally) buy the Naked palette when I finish! Ahhhhhhh. 
(£36- Debenhams)

These studs are soooo cute. Although I only need one (I wear a plug in one of my ears). They should sell single earrings on their own for half price hehe.
(£6.50- Topshop)

The friendship type one is a dupe of the ones in Urban Outfitters that they're trying to sell for around £20. Pffffft!
(Around £5 each- Topshop) 

Matte top coat nail varnish.
Will  review soon. 
(Around £4 - Superdrug/Boots)

Right. I need to review this too. So you know the Travolo's everyone is hyping over? This is the EXACT same thing. But... For 69p. Yes. 
(Home Bargains) 

This pack of ear cuffs actually came with 6 but they're in my purse right now! Anyway, I love these. They're great value and you can wear them as knuckle rings if you like that look (I do!!!)
(Around £6-Topshop)

A birthday gift! :-) Love these.

Beaaaaaautiful peachy/corally blush from Topshop. Amazing colour pay-off as always with Topshop makeup. 

Havent worked out how to style this hair comb yet but I'll make it work!
(£5/6- Miss Selfridge)

Sparrrrrkles! This shade is called 'Ice Crush'
(£6- Topshop)

I LOVE Natural Collection Blushers. They are amazing colour pay-off for how cheap they are. 
(£1.99- Boots)

Look at the colour pay-off of those! Couldn't resist. The silver one is my fave.
(£4.79- Superdrug)

The price of this was outrageous for something so simple but I couldn't help myself! Why oh why! Although, I've been looking for the perfect amethyst necklace for a while so I justified it!
(£15-£18- Urban Outfitters)

Thanks for reading through this! Hope you all liked it and found something useful from it :--)

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  1. Amazing purchases. I am obsessed with studs. I need to get the bracelets you bought. Amazing! X