Nails Of The Week

My Inspiration...
I tried! I found it suprisingly hard so I ended up only doing one nail on each hand and still didn't pull it off very well. How did this girl get the lines so straight?! 

I used: Heart Of Gold by Topshop, Black Art Deco by L.A Colors & Foil by Barry M

I personally painted the whole nail with 'Heart Of Gold' first and went over the tips with 'Foil' but I think that only worked because 'Foil' is very thick and usually covers any colour with only one coat.The, I outlined the pattern with the thin brush in the 'Black Art Deco'.

Oh dear...zoomed in makes them look terrible (oops!) but actually, I liked it! I'll definatly try it again when I have more time on my hands.
Thanks for reading!


  1. im constantly at envy of girls who can do there nails perfect all the time, your copy is really good! Love the blog, instant follow <3 xxxxx

  2. Believe me, it takes time! Hahaha, love yours too xxxx