20 Personal Questions

1. Thing you cannot leave the house without:
The answer to this will always be my phone- i'm just so lost without it! Also, at the moment I hate leaving the house without 'The Hunger Games' book because travelling is made to be so much more boring. I hate leaving the house without some form of vaseline or lipgloss too.
2. Favourite brand of makeup:
MAC all the way. Although, I don't use MAC dominantly. I also look MaxFactor & Sleek.
3. Favourite flower:
I'm not totally into flowers to be honest, a flower is a flower to me. Although, Lilys are pretty.

4. Favourite clothing store:
Although I've always been a Topshop kind of girl, lately I'm more into investing in pieces from American Apparel. The reason why everything is so expensive is because you can wash each thing and every time you do, they still coming out looking as though you've just bought them. This isn't the case with most other high street places! What's the point in spending £30 on a skirt from Topshop and have it starting to fade and become dull within a few washes?! I still do buy from other places, don't get me wrong, but I think about it more now instead of buying impulsively...rant over. Having said that, Zara is absolutely amazing and I've been more into buying things from there lately. The clothes just look like they've come hot off the runway.

5. Favourite perfume:
At the moment it's Carmella by Benefit. Oh my lorrrrd. That stuff is heavenly. I'll always love Alien by  Thierry Mugler, Juicy Couture and Miss Dior Cherie though.

6. Heels or Flats
Heels. Plainly because they make your legs look soooo much better. Although, I couldn't wear them all the time.

7. Do you make good grades
Yeah I did pretty well in my GCSEs to be honest. I got 15 ranging from A*-C grade. Its a shame the same can't be said for how I'm doing in AS Level at the moment -.-
8. Favourite colours:
Forest Green, Burgundy, and Seafoam Green. How precise of me

9. Do you drink energy drinks:
I loveee the taste of energy drinks but I try to steer clear from them because I know how awful they are for you

10. Do you drink juice:
Not squash. I like fresh juice though like orange and apple. I'm not a big fan of the likes of Robinson's though, I'd rather just stick to water.

11. Do you like swimming
I like to swim but I don't very often really
12. Do you eat fries with a fork
Wheres the fun in that?!

13. Favourite moisturizer:
Just Palmer's Cocoa Butter. That stuff is amazing for treating dry skin. I've used it since I was about 12 and I've never suffered from bad break out's or anything like that. I swear by it! Although, don't ever use it as a base under fake tan, it doesn't rub it properly at all (I had to learn that the hard way).

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Only for the dress honey. Na I'm kidding. I don't really know, I like the idea of it but I've learnt through family members and seeing it happen *cough cough* Sex & The City *cough cough* that marriage can really confuse things. Suppose we'll just have to see.

15. Do you get mad easily
I like to think that I don't but people that know me would probably think otherwise. Especially my boyfriend. He's just too bloody mellow! I hate asking for something more than once, not in a spoilt way but for instance, if someone is tickling me and I tell them to stop and they don't...that reaaaally annoys me lol.
16. Are you into ghost hunting:
NO. I'd never be the same again if I saw a scary ghost. I do believe in them though, I think I saw one in my back garden when I was 7

17. Any phobias:
Death. Or dying alone. I wouldn't mind being alone when I'm older I don't think but the idea of dying alone just really really frightens me. I'm scared of nits too. Just omg let's move on.

18. Do you bite your nails:
No, ew. The dirt that collects under nails is disgusting.

19. Have you ever had a near death experience:
When I was little and I smashed my head open. I had a really strange experience where I swore I was looking down on myself in a yellow blanket on my Grandma's knee on the car. Strange, I know. No one ever believes me haaa

20. Do you drink coffee:
Too much. There's 2 cups of it to the right of me. I drink around 9/10 cups of it on a day where I'm not in College or Work. Eek, that's so bad.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and I hope I wasn't too boring! Any questions or requests, just ask! :)


  1. I love your hair, beautifullll


  2. omg i have the same favourite colours as you haha forest green & burgandy, my favourite colour changes periodically but its been these for a while!
    also love your deathly hallows sign in your room haha ( harry potter nerd over here)
    oh and the hunger games trilogy is so good finished reading them a couple of weeks ago. just prepare yourself for some serious drama haha
    love your blog btw! definitely following(:
    mantenso xx

  3. Omg your hair is so nice!
    cute blog aswell