February Favourites (& Not so good buys...)

My first MAC Blusher! This one is in 'Desert Rose' and it's just a really natural colour so I've been wearing it almost everyday since I bought it. I bought it off eBay (don't worry- it's 100% genuine) and ended up winning it for £8 instead of the original price of £17.50. If you want to see better pictures of this colour, I show those in my latest haul.

That picture is so random ^ hahaha. Well, don't my eyebrows look bushy! Oh well, I like them that way. Anyway, onto the product! I was in Boots and was looking for any clear mascara to use on my brows and this was actually the only one there so I just picked it up. So, I don't really know if there are any better clear mascara gels to be honest and I can't compare this with anything. However, it does the job so I've been loving just using this as apposed to colouring in my eyebrows. 

Been looking for a mahooosive bow and this is absolutely perfect. It's a velvet material and has a superglued comb clip at the back of it. I got this on eBay and if you're interested in buying it, you can get it here! I haven't wanted to take it out of my hair since :)

Mentioned this in my last haul. Literally wore it every day I've had makeup on my face, will continue to buy this forever. I'm not sure if you're supposed to use primer before it but I put some on then put this all over my lid and it works as a perfect base before applying my eyeshadow. I love that it doesn't crease at all and helps my eyeshadow to stay on all day. It's basically what I have been searching for since I started wearing makeup!! I may just marry it 

I got this for my birthday and I don't actually know if it has a proper name to be honest, all it says in the booklet is that it is a 'face brush with long-handle'. Oh, and it's by BareMinerals. This brush, dayyyym. It is amazing, so soft and blends face powder in beautifully. Not much else to say about it honestly but... it's just a really nice brush haha!

Now this may just look like a really boring hat but this baby has been my life-saver this past week. Boy- have I had some, shall we say, bad hair days. Long story short, I tried to dye my hair platinum blonde so I could put a purple dye on it and basically, it went yellow. Or maybe more of an orange. Generally, a colour a girl does NOT want her hair like! The sod of a hair dye is further on in this post with pictures of what my hair went like...I feel brave. Anyhoo, this specific hat is from Topman but honestly, I would have worn any hat!

Another life saver of mine this week. When my hair resembled a bottle of mustard, this shampoo took away (most) of the brassiness and helped it return to my natural colour so I could whip the hat off and just wear my hair normally. Unfortunatly, you can't buy this shampoo from any old store! If you're from England you can get this range from Savers; if not I suggest you should just search the internet!

Hello lover... I've been reading reviews on this and I agree with most who say this mascara has well and truly made it onto my holy grail list. Does what it says on the tin...lengthen's and helps to curl your lashes but also, I find it adds lots of volume. I think it can get quite clumpy BUT I love that in mascara unlike other people. I actually bend the brush like I do with all of my mascaras so that they fit my eye better. Another good thing I found about it is that it's really easy to wipe off and doesnt give that hard unmovable feel at all- BONUS! It is a bit on the pricey side, retailing at £16 but I think it's so worth it and I seriously recommend this beauty. 

Never really seen many people raving about this nail varnish but let me be one to rave! Again, does what it says on the bottle...generally strengthened my nails and took away the horrible cracks I seem to get. 

Now, onto the things that have...huff...disappointed me.

OPI, how could you?! Someone needs to take this off my hands immediately before I launch it out of my bedroom window. I think it's because it has glitter in it that it just does not crackle at all. Such a let down. Maybe I'm using it wrong?! But I mean how hard is it to just paint on top of a base coat. 

Biggest waste of money of my life. Smells putrid. Actually feels like I'm tasting/smelling hairspray and vodka mixed together. Who the hell approved this to be sold. 

WHAT?! A MAC lipstick in this part of the favourites?! Na, look closer. The bitches on eBay had me off...

Maybe the more experienced of you will notice by now...


Oh...wow...fabulous. Huff, I will never learn. To be honest, if this was just a normal drug store lipstick- i'd love it! The colour pay off is bloody amazing! But because it's fake MAC, it's pissed me off...

I do love the colour though hehe

I URGE YOU NOT TO BUY THIS. Ice Blonde?! Erm I think not. Thankfully, my hair is back to normal now but what a waste of money. Scroll down for a laugh...

HOW PRETTY!!! Hahahaha

Thanks for readingggggggggggg x


  1. I love the bow, it's so big and thats the size i've been looking for, for some while so thankyou :)
    emma x


  2. I had the same problem with fake MAC on ebay.. and the same problem with XXL colours. First the blonde went orange then the red went a very faded browny/red :(