As always, I woke up this morning with the usual thought in my head that I'm just not where I'm supposed to be (this post is going to be so deep). Since I can remember I've always just wanted to get away. To travel and just be rid of the same routine day-in and day-out. If you know me, you'll know that I have always wanted to perform. If I could chose the direction my life would take, I would become an actor. I can dream, ok?! Having a one-track mind like this can be kinda concerning for the parents though and my Mum and Dad have never really been 'ok' with me not having a plan B.
Your dreams are something that you can hold in your hands and be the maker of but can be so easily drawn away from you. For years we mould our dreams and design our futures in a way that can become almost unattainable. But what happens when our lives begin to be driven away from what we really want. I can’t help but wonder… should we be satisfied with anything less than our initial dreams. I know that sounds so cheesy but I literally have no other way of explaining it!
So, what am I getting at?! Well, to cut a story short (if it's not too late for that)...I'm moving away from this place. Basically, my uncle lives in L.A, right near Venice Beach. And next year, when I'm finished with Sixth Form and I've saved up a shit load of money- me and my best friend are moving over there for our gap year. We're going to see how things go with finding a place to stay and seeing if we can get decent jobs and who knows? If we like it we'll stay. If not, we've had an amazing gap year. I feel like I should take advantage of someone so close to me living in a place I dream of being. And for the first time, it was my Mum who suggested it! We were talking the other day and she was saying that I should do because there's no point in me going straight to Uni and into a degree that I'm not sure that I want. It's a long shot and even I know it's kind of a ridiculous dream going into acting but L.A just seems right and I think it's going to be a growing up experience and I'll feel like I'm ready for Uni when (and if ;) I come home.
Not only do I want to go to seek career opportunities.. I just generally miss it! As I said, my Uncle lives out there with my Aunty and 2 cousins and when I visited, we used to have the best times! Plus Hannah (my best friend) has never been to America and has always dreamed of going.

From left, my cousin Lolly, my brother Jack, my Dad and myself in my Dad's hat! Lolly doesnt look too happy with her burnt marshmallow hehe.
The experience of camping in L.A compared to in England is completely different. It's what you see in the movies, it's soooo much more fun (and it's warm!). I remember we got one of the blow up beds from out the tent and threw it on the river (which was completely clear- so beautiful) and we just sailed down the river on it. Thinking back, that was so dangerous because there was a pretty strong current but that's what my Uncle is like; so much fun. I also remember seeing carcases of mountain lions lying around- so much more exciting than the boring views in Wales...

(Left) Me on Venice Beach. This is one of my most favourite pictures in the world. I just look so happy and I can remember how I felt when I was there. (Right) En route to find a place to set up camp for a few days. Have you ever seen a tree trunk like it?!

Hahaha. Love this one. I look so so happy! Looks like we're on a ride or something we're that excited but we weren't! We had just sat down to eat...

The hair...

Oh and Santa Monica. This was the last day we were there and I can remember being in a huge huff for the whole day. Take me back. So I suppose the purpose of this post was just to vent how excited I am at the moment. As I said, it's just for a gap year to have some fun and  if I get discovered well, that'll just be a bonus ;)

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